Bed Bug Mattress Cover

bed bug mattress cover

The Benefits of Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Bed bugs are a pest that can find their ways to get into your bed and breed there. Bed bugs can even live and breed in a clean and neat bed. In other words, this pest can live anywhere. In addition, bed bugs are absolutely harmful to you. They do not cause any diseases, but they do bite. Bed bugs’ bites cause itchiness and blisters. This condition will surely be disturbing and bothering. This is why it is highly recommended to use a bed bug mattress cover. There are many benefits that you can get by using this kind of mattress cover.

TPU Backing Feature

A bed bug mattress protector is equipped with an impermeable TPU backing. This feature provides protection for all of the 6 sides of your mattress. This TPU backing feature is also suitable for protecting your mattress from stains, sweat, and other fluids. In addition, this TPU backing feature is also made from polyutherane membrane. So, besides waterproof, it is also breathable. You do not have to be worried about your mattress get hot. Moreover, you also do not have to be worried about hearing any noisy sounds from the plastic material every time you move on your mattress. Instead, the TPU backing feature provides you unbeatable comfort.

Zippered Encasement

Besides waterproof mattress protector, bed bug mattress covers also feature zippered mattress encasement. So, your mattress will be fully covered. The zippered mattress encasement feature also plays a role as a protective layer over the top, bottom, and all sides of your mattress. The zip guard makes sure that the zipper is totally sealed and tight. Because bed bugs can get into a mattress even through a small gap. This is how do bed bug mattress covers work, exactly.

Those are the benefits of using bed bug mattress covers. For the care instruction, it will be better if you hand-wash the mattress covers. If you want to use a washing machine, make sure you machine-wash the mattress separately in cool water to warm water. Use a mild detergent to wash the mattress protector. Do not use any bleaching products because it will damage the TPU backing that is made from polyutherane membrane. When you are washing the bed bug mattress cover, make sure that it is unzipped and the backing is facing in. With a bed bug mattress protector, you do not have to be worried anymore about the pest. Are you interested to use it?

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