Bed Bug Rash And Bed Bug Odor

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

Bed Bug Rash And Bed Bug Odor

Without you knowing hotel that you regularly check in may even have bud bugs infestation, a suite room or a prudential room in a five start hotel may have bed bugs. There is a chance that 90% hotels have bud bugs.  The question that is how do I know my hotel has bed bugs? Bed bugs infestation, what are the symptoms and the sign of them? What should I do so that when I get home from hotel that has bed bugs won’t infest my home?

These are the usual symptoms and signs of bed bugs infestation:

Bed Bug Rash

Bed bug rash won’t be visible but first you can feel the itch, this is the first sign of bed bugs. Compare to mosquito bites bed bugs bite itchier. When mosquito sucking your blood and you will feel hurt while its sting. After the skin bitten by bed bugs, you will fill itch an hour after that.  Bed bugs have anesthetics in its saliva this causes it. In order to avoid blood clotting, bed bugs inject anticoagulant and anesthetics before they suck your blood from your skin.  After it stings you bed bug rash will appear an hour after that. It will take some days or week for some people the bed bug rash appear from being bitten. Chemicals stung by bed bugs have different reaction the some people.

Do you want to know a bed bug rash look like?

Compare to mosquito rash bed bugs rush look more swollen starts with red round and small bump. A single swollen bump bed bugs rash when it becomes visible. The bed bug rash will multiple after a couple days later. Other bed bugs are biting you that what it is means. Bed bugs rash seems like an in-line bite marks for some people. When people moves a lot when they asleep this kind of bed bug rash will look like.

If bed bugs noticed any movement around them, they return fast to their hiding place. Observe it for some days if you have a rash that you suspect as a bed bugs rash. Even after days that bed bug rash appears it will still itchy.  Bed bug rush stays swollen for weeks also it doesn’t heal as soon as mosquito bite marks.

Bed Bug Odor

How does bed bug odor smell like after the bed bug rush appears? Bed bugs releases offensive musty odor, sweet-like in hotel with heavy bed bug infestation. Under the headboard and mattresses is where you can find this odor. Smell for bed bug odor at crevices of sofa or a wooden chair if your hotel this kind of furniture. The bed bug odor is not easily detectable in hotel with light infestation.

How to avoid hotel bed bugs infesting your house

Remove every item from your luggage the night before your check out. Bed bugs are good hitchhikers, if they hitched in your suitcase, they can survive without food for years and then they can start an infestation in your home. Material like cloth, items and paper are bed beg bugs like to hide, you should check it out. Spray bed bug pesticides around your luggage.  Your clothes must be shaking for any bed bugs.

Put your clothing and your items after you wiped your bath tub dry. Since a tub is made of marbles or ceramic bed bugs won’t stay on tub crevices which usually gets wet.  You should wash your clothing before taking them home. This is a very serious matter that you should remember. Bed bugs will spread to neighboring room fast once it has been infested with bed bugs. It is a tedious work to get rid of bed bugs. To wipe your house clean from any trace of bed bugs you even need to throw away sofa and your bed.

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