Bed Bug Registry NYC

Bed Bug Registry NYC

Traveling to New York City

New York City has many hotels you can stay, if you suspect a hotel in New York has bed bugs infestation, you can simply report it to hotel management. I bet you don’t want bed bugs hitch a ride with you on your suitcase or clothes from hotel laundry and bring them home with you. You should inspect each and every item with you that the only way you can confirm that bed bugs exists. Bed bugs love to hide in folds of materials, cracks, seams and crevices. Before you check out from hotel, place your suspected belongings which contain any bed bugs to a plastic bag. Do not wash those items at hour home but in a dry cleaning service. Research conducted in University says that the most effective for killing bed bugs are wash those items by frozen and heated. For freezing process will be required minimum 5 degree Celsius for five days, and should be exposure at 45 degree Celsius at 2 hours exposure.

Bed Bug Registry New York City

Bed Bug Registry New York City is bed bugs reports across City of New York, citizen of New York submit the reports to a public database that can be accessed in internet. This information aimed to provide renters or travelers in New York City for neutral and reliable reports based on other citizens see bed bugs in their area.  You can find any report in New York City by hotel name, street address or zip codes, you can learn how to avoid bed bugs or just share advice or information from fellow bed bug sufferers.

These are some example of bed bug reports in New York City

2922 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY

Anonymous reports that he need help because the place that he rented infested by bed bugs and has reported to the landlord for over three month, landlord has sprayed some apartments but when the spraying ended, bed bugs come back again, it’s because the whole place is infected he said.

155 Huron St Brooklyn, NY
Suzi reported that she live there for six year and never have problems with bedbugs although her landlord informed her there is a report for bed bugs infestation in this building, that could be false report she said. With NYC Bed Bug Registry, you can participate for bed bugs spread and find a quick solution for this problem. Although we can eliminate bed bugs in New York but with these efforts we can reduce the spread of these wingless insects.

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