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bed bug trap

Interceptor Bed Bug Trap

To fight against bed bugs infestation, as home owner you will need a great tool called bed bug traps. Every bed bug traps work different way, has unique function and the forms are various. Some traps designed to keeps bed bugs away as home owner want and some bed bugs traps designed to lure them in. If you suspect there are bed bugs infestation in your home and you want to take action about it then these traps are excellent tool for you. Bed bugs extermination process includes these tools as a vital part of the extermination plan.

United Stated citizens believe that there are no bed bugs after World War II. In this time DDT are used as a powerful insecticide to get rid of bed bugs. Unfortunately they seem to be growing at an alarming number and still with us just like so many other pests. Unkempt and dirty homes are not the only favorite place for bed bugs. Bed bugs can live and growing in even the fancy houses and apartments. It’s all because home owner hitchhike bed bugs on their pests, luggage, clothing or even home owner’s skin.

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Bed bugs traps are design to stop during your travels and can be purchased at very low prices. When bed bugs trying to climb up the bed from the floor, these special designed barrier traps which in the leg of bed make bed bugs find themselves in an unavoidable well.  Bed begs find themselves in the very same trap when climbing down from bed to your room’s floor. It’s impossible for bed bugs to get out of these traps although it’s easy to climb into. A more proactive type of barrier traps maybe necessary because not all bed bugs will be migrating from the floor to the beds.

Rather than waiting passively for bed bugs to show up, you can purchase or rent electronic traps to lure the bed bugs. To lure bed bugs these electronic traps release a chemical lure, carbon dioxide, or heat. Bed bugs cannot get out of the traps if they made into the device. In the beginning steps of a bed bug infestation you can use the device to determine whether your home has or not facing it. Some say that early prevent are better than to cure bites or blemishes from bed bugs or other insects.

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