Bed Bugs Eggs

Bed Bugs Eggs
There are so many types of animals which exist in our environment. One of the most well-known types of animals is the family of insect. Bed bugs are considered [...]

Where is Bed Bugs Coming From?

Bedbugs in Hotels
Tracing Bed Bugs Hotels, schools, dormitories, movie houses, homes, shelter, apartments, cruise ships and motel are places of bed bugs founded.  Regarding [...]

What are Bed Bugs?

BedBug Eggs
By Rini Do you ever wake up in the morning and all part of your body is feeling itchy? That mean during the entire night you are victimized by bed bugs. Bed [...]

Pictures of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Pictures
By Rini What are Bed Bugs look like? Cimex lectularius is scientific name of bed bugs. Do really want to know bed bugs look like? They are tiny [...]