Exterminating Bed Bugs

Exterminating Bed Bugs

Exterminating Bed Bugs Yourself

Human is the target of tiny little creatures called bed bugs, they live by sucking their blood. Bed bugs are a serious problem at office, home, hotel and apartment. There are two causes the infestation of bed bugs in homes, apartment hotel and many more.  First, Immigrants and travelers unknowingly bring this pest along to hotels or back home.

Secondly bed bugs have become immune to the insecticides used by human recently. The exterminating process of bed bugs began in the 1940’s and 1950’s. DDT was highly effective insecticide to exterminate bed bugs population. Endangering the environment was the main reason that DDT was discontinued to use for the exterminating bed bugs population. That’s why bed bugs happily return to our houses.

DDT was perfect solution in exterminating bed bugs with only spraying it to furniture, walls, beds, etc. This kind of remedy is now banned by the law. Bed bugs are now become clever, therefore it is tougher to exterminate.  Bed bugs can hide in hidden place like beneath sofa, in the cracks of furniture, throw pillow, in the mattresses, everywhere. Exterminating bed bugs is hard and boring work to do. To begin the actual process of exterminating of bed bugs is search and turn over all the possible places for the bugs to live in. Because we have to make sure there will be no more insects once the treatment is complete.

Exterminating Bed Bugs Naturally

It’s better not to do the whole process of bed bugs on your own. Rather taking the problem away you may end up with harming yourself.

In order to help the exterminating process you can do the following things:

  • Blankets, line, pillowcases, bed sheets, the clothes, etc must be washed before the exterminating process and put your mattress under the sun in a huge black plastic.
  • Crannies and the nooks inside the home must be all vacuumed.
  • Every place where the bed bugs can hide such as cracks, floorboards, and the furniture must be sealed.
  • Now it is time for professional exterminator of bed bugs to his work, now step aside.

The exterminating processes begin with spray the insecticide on the furniture. For carpets and mattresses there are different types of spray equipments. There are little to no residue and odorless for some exterminating chemicals on your furniture. There are proper protective equipments used by a professional bed bugs exterminator.

It requires a lot of patience to exterminate bed bugs population. Bed bugs can survive without food for months and they live in cracks that are difficult to reach with pest control products. The exterminating of bed bugs will be more effective if properly spray all the areas.

The next process is to use insecticide dust after the exterminating bed bugs though spraying of insecticides. Insecticide dust is what kills the bed bug, which is why the exterminating process is very important. Because areas that have spray left behind can be reached by this insecticide dust.  Depending on the infestation level, it will take 3 to 4 weeks for exterminating process to complete.

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