How To Control Bed Bugs and Other Insects

Control Bed Bugs

How To Control Bed bug

The major concerns and problem that affect the industries of production and agriculture have always been the pests. Therefore health organizations and agencies come in when pests proliferate along following diseases. To control the pest, human as develop chemicals, potent equipment all these years. Human have gone to the brink of futility if those efforts have not been effective.

Bed bugs

Pest that affects households is bed bugs, not only human, birds and poultries but may not affect the plants. Centuries ago, scientists believe that ancient bed bugs did not like human’s blood but poultries and bird’s blood. Studies say that 5 out of 10 houses have bed bugs in it then it can be worse in the developing countries.  That mean now bed bugs thrive in people “nest” not just in bird like centuries ago.

Bed bugs are among the millions or billions of insect species that have small size. Bed bugs can be widely spread in all countries around the world and all these years they have proliferated.

Bed bugs are wingless creatures known as Cimex lectularius in science dictionary.  If bed bugs have wings, you can image how it would be surely uncontrollable and become dangerous. By having only one feeding time or one meal, bed bugs can survive in their life time, what a resilient insects.

Studies also say that only about a year and more is life time of bed bugs. During that life span female bed bugs can lay 3 times. 300 eggs can be laid by the female bed bugs during that session. That makes bed bugs spreading rapidly in this planet.

In order to control bed bugs, you should keep clean environment such in bed, furniture, sofa or you couch. Bed bugs hate cleanness, pesticide is the most effective way to exterminate bed bugs but it is endanger you and your family in your house.  Call your local pest control company to solve this matter, because they know bed bugs better.

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