Bed Bug Pesticide

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer Bed bug might seem harmless at first glance. But the truth is, bed bug can cause several health problems ranging from rashes and blisters until emotional and psychological effect that is called bed bug madness. There is no exact information regarding how an infestation can occur or where those bugs are coming from. But one [...]

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Bed Bugs Hotel

bed bug hotels
Is it true that Hilton Hotel has bed bugs? Everyone knows that The Hilton Hotel has elegance, excellent service and classy hotel.  There have been complaints of bed bugs [...]

Bed Bug Registry NYC

Bed Bug Registry NYC
By Rini Traveling to New York City New York City has many hotels you can stay, if you suspect a hotel in New York has bed bugs infestation, you can simply report it to [...]

Bed Bug Rash and Bed Bug Odor

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like
By Rini Without you knowing hotel that you regularly check in may even have bud bugs infestation, a suite room or a prudential room in a five start hotel may have bed bugs. [...]