Pictures of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Pictures

What are Bed Bugs look like?

Cimex lectularius is scientific name of bed bugs. Do really want to know bed bugs look like? They are tiny creatures, it kind of impossible to see the face of bed bugs. To see their picture, you can only see the pictures throughout this website, magazines or text books.

Enlarge pictures of bed bugs in available sources that you can actually catch. In you hold them unto you palm you can never really look their physical structure because bed bugs are so slim. Some lenses or a magnifying glass is all you need to see bed bugs.

Bed Bugs picture description

To look at bed bugs eye to eye or face to face is something that you may not want to see. Most people are scared of one kind of insect study said. It safer that you see the bed bugs picture from available sources to save you the awkward feeling and the embarrassment.

Bed bugs normally flatted when viewed from bottom to top if you just merely looking at bed bugs’ pictures. They can penetrate to the most tiny holes and crevices because of this physical attribute. The insects have several colors as you can see from the pictures. Deep brown color is the most bed bugs look like. Bed bugs also look creamy white in Europe. Bud bugs also have races, don’t you think?

You can compare by seeing in the pictures before and after they feed form their respective hosts. After they have been nourished bed bugs color has changed. After they have consumed blood they turn into black or deep red. It will be somehow gross if you crash bed bugs after they have consumed blood. Just like squashing out a balloon filled with blood.

Bed Bugs From A Scientific View

You will see a shot glimpse of their anatomy in pictures from text book and encyclopedias. They are covered by wax-like substance and have very complex skin type as you can see it from pictures. The skin provides protection and prevents bed bugs from getting drying out or getting wet. Without the skin, if bed bugs exposure to light and air will surely dehydrate or dry out them.

Large bed bugs

If you want to take a close look at bed bugs you know that you have resort option. You can opt to capture a mature, aging and old bed bug because pictures in website can look unrealistic.  Usually more than a year old bed bugs are. Because bed’s bug life span only last a year or more, after that they die. Large bed bugs usually can grow about ¼ of an inch.  Therefore it will never be a fun and worthwhile experience by looking at bed bug’s face. You don’t want to have throw-up and goose bumps just look at bed bug’s picture.

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