What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Eggs

What is Bed Bug ?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and all part of your body is feeling itchy? That mean during the entire night you are victimized by bed bugs. Bed bugs are simply insects just like species or scientifically called Cimex lectularius or insect, diverse kingdoms are they belonged.

You know, if the world is tearing apart, animal, humans all of them will be exterminated, but only one type of creatures will survive.  Yes, your thought is right, insect, they will occupy the planet because of their resilience and flexibility.  That is why to destroy them completely is hard thing to do, including bed bugs.

How do Bed Bugs look like?

Bed bugs look like flattened creatures if you look from the top. In fact, you can hardly look and see them with your bare aye, unless you see them with lenses or magnifying glass because they are so tiny.  They are like tiny deep brown creatures, which are bed bugs are usually appearing.

Bed bugs can adapt to white color in other part of the world, for example like in Europe. Bed bugs color can turn into deep red or black tiny bloated creatures if they just came from a meal or fed. They are fed on host’s blood, this why they look that way. They live because of the blood, they can’t survive without it.

How they feed?

For your information, bed bugs are like mosquitoes, bed bugs have smaller and similar tiny beaks if you want to know. They pierce their skin host with these beaks. They start sucking and sipping their host’s blood after they have pierced the skin.

A fourth of milliliters of your blood are hardly sucked by bed bugs because they are so tiny. You would not care at all when they suck your blood by a bed bus, that’s the meaning of it. The different between mosquito and bed bugs that they don’t transmit or carry any disease, that’s the good news. You will get red marks that may swell after couple hours if you bitten by bed bugs. It will leave a feeling of discomfort to the victim of bed bugs because the bitten area would also tend to itch very much.

Destroying bed bugs completely

To kill bed bugs, there are useful and a handful way to do. Try to squash them one by one after you capture them, sure it is stupid. It will surely take a life time, dirt, but that would surely kill them. An effective way and good way is to pesticide and insecticide the infested area.  But it dangerous to the health of everyone nears the infested areas.

It would be great if you ask for professional and a credible pest Control Company. They surely know bed bugs better and to get rid of them.

How to Prevention Bed Bugs Infestation

Some say that to prevent is better than to cure. In the case of bed bugs it also applicable and also true. To prevent bed bugs infestation, the important thing is hygiene. It would be great helped by cleanliness. For a start, tidy surrounding and clean are hated by pests like bed bugs.

You may be a carrier of bed bugs if you travel much. Bed bugs would not thrive inside your private parts of inside you. They will thrive in traveling medium, clothing and your baggage.

Find a place to stay or hotel which totally bug free. Have your travel medium washed by the laundry shop before taking it home after going from a trip. Yes it seems a little paranoid by doing this way, but you will not victimized by bed bugs every night when you are sleeping.

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