Where is Bed Bugs Coming From?

Bedbugs in Hotels

Tracing Bed Bugs

Hotels, schools, dormitories, movie houses, homes, shelter, apartments, cruise ships and motel are places of bed bugs founded.  Regarding the issue, the authorities are already alarmed.  Approximately 6 out of 10 apartments in the US reported have bed bugs. The alarm is somehow flamed down because bed bugs don’t spread or transfer out any form of diseases.

Bed Bugs Origins

Bed bugs are wingless, tiny creatures and called by scientist Cimex Lectularius.  Your bare eye can hardly look at bed bugs because they are very small. The world of insects is bed bugs organisms are come from. Each species of insects has its own characteristic or noteworthy attribute and there millions species of them.

In the 1940s after the World War II, pest control authorities and statistic in the United States claim that bed bugs stopped to exist.  People breakthrough and cooperation in controlling pest help to reduce bed bugs infestation after World War, cases of bed bugs were so rampant before it.  People in modern time might be asking, if bed bugs didn’t exist before Word War, where bed bugs come from recently?

Studies say that bed bugs maybe come from Africa, Asia or Europe.  Your next question might be, how did they cross the continent if bed bugs can’t fly then only a year life time and they are so tiny? Theories have it believed that American travelers carry with them in their luggage, clothes and furniture and this is contribute the current spread of the pests.
The travelers stayed in a hotel that was unknowingly infested with bed bugs and traveled to one country to another.  That is how bed bugs traveled across continent and borders.  Bed bugs might have come out and spread out when the travelers unpacked his luggage.

Bed Bugs Races

Just like human bed bugs also have races that come from different countries.  Africa’s bed bugs usually have deep brown color while American bugs have pale color. Do not discriminate bed bugs because they have different races.

Bed Bugs on Human

Bed Bugs are Vampires

What a ridiculous and funny myth that says bed bugs are undeveloped grand children of Dracula.  The myth maybe comes from the fact that bed bugs suck blood for nourishment like vampires and Dracula. Bed bugs appearances are also somehow change when they consume blood. They will appear reddish or dark red in color. Some bed bugs look like they have black mass inside their stomach.  If the myth is so stupid, where exactly do they come from?

Where do bed bugs come from?

The question where do people come from is the same as question where do bed bugs come from. There are strong arguments between science and religion is prompt on the question of bed bugs origin. To find out and determine where the insects come from, scientists always have answer for that. But you know it doesn’t need a particular answer in the bed bug’s case. To trace down bed bugs much more relevant and better subject that deserved more attention.

How to control and exterminate bed bugs though still related to those concerns. Anyway who cares where bugs are coming from the more important issue is how to prevent their spread. What will you choose? Use insecticides and pesticides or you just clean your environment which it’s hated by bed bugs.

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